Bean Dot

Daily, 10:00am – 10:00pm

K25 (near to Gate 2)

011-21084722 Mr Soo

When the nebula collapses under its own gravity, pulling all the shimmering star dusts together, absorbing all great talents at its core, an entity destined for culinary greatness is born. Founded on the momentous year of 2018, Beans.Dot turned a lot of head by impressively extending its empire into numerous cities within the short span of one year. A home-grown brand which inherited the blazing Malaysian spirit, Beans.Dot is destined to shine like a supernova. We pride ourselves in being the undeniable “guru” on wickedly-scrumptious yet healthful tea beverages. Gratitude to the bottomless creativity pumping through our veins, Beans.Dot’s only objective is to bring upon the highest pleasure ever known to the human taste buds. Assembling the exclusive combination of fruit tea, fresh milk and yam into one, Beans. Dot proudly presents you a vitalizing wholesomeness in the form of a palm-size drink.