Seven Star Hotpot

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The world food gathers in China, the Chinese food gathers in Chongqing. Chongqing is the largest city in inland China. It is a world-famous mountain city, river city, Bridge City, the world’s famous hot spring capital and hot pot city. Hot pot is one of the most representative Chinese foods, while Chongqing is the birthplace and most famous place of hot pot.

Qixing old hot pot originated from Qixinggang outside Tongyuan Gate which is the only existing ancient gate in Chongqing. With the unique recipe inherited over the past decades, the most authentic flavor of Chongqing is created by adopting pollution-free and non-additive refined base of superior food materials, coupled with fresh and quality-oriented dishes. Seven Star old hot pot tastes sweet and mellow, spicy but not dry. It’s not bitter for a long time of taste; it’s also not tired of eating.  Seven Star hot pot comes across ocean to solve the thought of your tongue.  Here, you can learn about Chongqing’s customs and taste Chongqing’s special dishes from thousands of miles away

In Chinese cultural tradition, there have always been blessing words of seven stars shining, which means happiness, good fortune and prosperity.  The brand of Seven Star old hot pot, with food as the medium, dedicates seven-star taste, pursues seven-star service, prays for seven stars shining and brand flourishing, as well as prays for the well-being and auspiciousness of all people who love life and food!