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Superior support is the backbone of every successful woman.

Stemming from Sorella’s philosophy: to beautify and accentuate every woman’s natural curves and unique beauty, or lingerie is equipped with innovative technology that lifts, tucks and sculpts, removing inches or adding them where they count. The technical combination of detailed boning, stitching and fabric components accommodate to different sizes and shapes, structuring you to your perfect fit so you feel sexier, look sleeker and benefit from great body support in the long run.
Placing comfortable, sophisticated and versatile designs at the forefront, Sorella lingerie Malaysia emphasizes functionally to provide every woman with maximum uplift and the perfect fit. Designed to carer to everyday demands for comfort and support, our lingerie is tailored for every occasion, providing quality materials and leading design and technology to give every woman the perfect shape she has always dreamed of. Shop bra online with the best designs and prices on our online store today!