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Cuan Yue sources from a rural people’s persistence in “dream”. In 1996, Mr. Yang Kui from Binxian County, Heilongjiang Province started his own business. For a young man without experience and capital, the road to start a business in catering industry is very difficult. But he firmly believes that the accumulation of each step can lead to a thousand miles. His dream is to create an innovative, high-quality brand that caters to the tastes of Chinese people. Once upon a time, he drew inspiration from Sichuan Malatang. While preserving the essence of Sichuan Malatang “hemp, spicy, fresh, sweet”, he selected fresh beef bones, combined with dozens of natural spicy drugs, and boiled them together with pure water for 4 hours to form the pure delicious soup base, thus truly achieving “Malatang that can drink soup”, catering to the tastes of Chinese diners from all over the country.  Now Mr. Yang Treasury’s biggest dream is to build “Cuan Yue “into a brand with the spirit of inheritance. He will continue to insist and develop with his upward heart!