Grand Chicken Rice

  • Daily, from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM
  • 019-7902556 Khairul

Located at Bellatime Mall, Country Garden, Grand Chicken Rice provides customers with some of the best chicken recipes in Malaysia. Even though we have just opened, we already are the go-to diner for many living in the area, and once you visit us, you will know exactly why people love us.

Our recipes have been passed down by our families for generations. Actually, the name of our restaurant itself is a memoir to our owner’s grandmother, who, according to our owner, had the best chicken recipes around. Well, we do believe that, because most of the food that we provide have been derived from her formulas and people who visit us love them. Adding on to that, we add in our dishes our own creativity- a unique assortment of flavors that will keep you asking for more.

Of course, our name states that we are a Chicken Rice house. Anyway, we prepare a lot of other food. Our Menu includes Chicken, Duck, Fish, Bean, and Potato dishes, and all of them taste great. While talking about this, let us not forget our refreshing drinks and sweet desserts. You can look at our menu and order anything you like – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

At Grand Chicken Rice, we make sure that our guests feel as comfortable as when they are in their own Grandmother’s home. The ship-shape interior, beautiful painting, striking lighting, comfortable chairs, and friendly staff, among others, give an awesome vibe.Moreover, our dining room can fit a lot of people. We have enough room for you, your family, and your friends no matter what the occasion is, a day out, or a group celebration such as a birthday.

Our recipes can’t be made without the best quality of chicken; thus, there is no compromise on that aspect. We take the best authentic chicken breed from the farm and cook it in a hygienic environment until it reaches your table. The same goes for our other dishes; everything we put on them has been quality tested and assured.For us, cleanliness is an utmost priority- therefore, our kitchen and dining hall are always tidy.

So, if you are nearby, why not pay us a visit? We will try our best to make sure you will want to come back again and again.