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Vivo brand was registered in China in 2009, and registered in 103 counties and regions by March, 2014. The road of internationalization of vivo has been scheduled along with the growth of domestic market.

The word “vivo” comes from Ancient Latin. From 600 BC to 600 AD, many Roman citizens gathered in front of the Senate to pay respect to heroes like Caesars and Octavian for great achievements. While throwing flowers, they could not help whooping and cheering in a sound of [‘vi:vəu]. Therefore occurred the adjective – ‘vivo’. In modern times, with the Italian opera culture getting more and more popular, people at that time feel it is quite hard to express admiration for music masters like Verdi and Puccini with common words. Therefore, the word ‘vivo’ has been introduced, which adds a stunning sense of liveliness and vividness in art.

In short, vivo does not only convey “vigorous and vitality”, but also expresses our inner respect to heroes, art and other great things. Its primitive but simple pronunciation reflects the very first sound we make at the time of great events such as the birth of a new baby.

Target population: Vigorous, young and fashionable urban mainstream groups who are willing to enjoy life and share happiness.

Core benefits:excellent appearance, professional acoustic fidelity, extreme video and display, joyful experience.

Core value: Fun, Fashion, Innovative Technology